How to see older Siri conversation

I wanted to see what my last question to Siri was but as it disappears after you action the question I could not find it until by my accident I found how it see it again.  It is quite obvious once you know :).


Simple activate Siri and while she is listing swipe up – that simple but it took me ages to stumble on to it.


Current Geek

I have been listing to Scott Johnson podcast for years now – starting with his WOW podcast The Instance (some where around ep 100).  He seems to have managed to get a great bunch of contributors around him as well. For Instance (pun intendedCG) you can check out Brian Ibbotts  great coverville podcasts.

I have always been a geek but I has gotten harder to keep up with it all. Once you are pushing 50 like me life starts to fill up with responsible (its just not right is it) and this is where Current Geek comes up Trump (sorry for invoking the evil one).  If you are like me and can’t troll the net but can listen to podcast while working Current Geek is the place to find out what’s what in the world of Geek. More great podcast here from Frogpants 

This War of Mine

This war of mine as a great indie games (check it out on Steam) and now from the sound of it its a great board game.


Board games lengthy paragraphs of background fiction, which add depth and detail to the narrative, date back to 1985’s Tales of the Arabian Nights and surely even earlier. But they’re becoming 2017’s ”big thing”. This War of Mine, an adaptation of the video game, is another example using extended fiction to great effect. In many respects it follows the mechanics of the original. Players cooperate to survive in a war-torn city by improving their shelter during day and scavenging for supplies at night. But the added richness from the story book and the social dynamic of playing with friends lends extra emotional gravity to proceedings. Given the bleak scenario, it can be a roller-coaster ride.


High Sierra mac OS (public beta)

It took a while but I finally got the public beta installed (build 17a306f) on my Mac book pro (early 2015 model).  I had issues getting the installer to download but I think that was due to local WI-FI issue rather then anything to do with apple.

high s

Once I had the installer it took 4 goes to get it installed.  It stopped 3 time in different spots (6 days, 4 min and 15 min to go) before it finally installed.  Including all the restarts it took 6 hours or so to complete the 1st step. I did tick the set-up new file system option during the install so it might have been the issue.  I’m so impressed that it even worked at all.  Changing the file system on the fly while doing an OS update is an impressive feat.

After the reboot it took other 1 1/2 hour to complete the install.  The 1st thing that i noticed was that now you can’t have the same password for your iCloud account and your PC log in.  So far all my apps are working fine including Office 365 (2016) however the messages don’t not want to sync with my iCloud account.

To test the new file system I have duplicated a folder with about 1000 files (20 meg) and it took about 2 seconds which was faster then my Win10 system (Dell also with an SSD) but only by 1 second or so. However deleting the folder was much faster on the HS system then on windows.  I then tested a 511 meg folder to see if that made a bigger difference and this time the Mac OS trounced the windows system by 40 seconds -wow just wow.

The new Photo app looks like a big improvement but I will have to play with it some more before I give my finale verdict.

I will test for the next week and update.

iOS 11 public beta

I have been using my iPad pro to test the iOS beta for over a week  now and i love it.  I have had 0 issues – with only 10 or so apps installed it might not be the most rigorousness test  going around but none have never crashed (i.e. Netflix, Farmville) and the OS has worked flawlessly. The new features are brilliant and i can’t wait for it to be release so i can install it on my main device (iPhone 7 plus) – I don’t install betas on this devices as i need to to be working. I want to test the new map features in my car (with carplay) this weekend so I’m will try using the iPad and report my findings.

Update to my using the beta in my car.  It was an epic fail.  Carplay did not recognise the iPad at all so I could no test the new features in iOS 11 and carpaly.

Check out this cool Video on some of the more interesting features